Senate to delay vote on Republican healthcare bill

McConnell issued his statement not long after McCain’s office disclosed that he had undergone surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye, and had been advised by his doctors to stay in Arizona next week to recover.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell late Saturday said he will postpone votes on the Obamacare replacement bill that was scheduled to hit the floor this week, after Republican Sen.

“Senator McCain received excellent treatment at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, and appreciates the tremendous professionalism and care by its doctors and staff”, it said. Susan Collins of ME and Rand Paul of Kentucky – have already said they will not vote to proceed to the measure. With all Democrats voting no, that would leave Republicans with just 49 votes, given McCain’s absence.

McConnell said on Saturday night that the Senate would defer consideration of the Better Care Act until McCain returns to Washington, D.C.

Critics blasted the Republican bill for what they say hurts the very rural supporters who formed the backbone of US President Donald Trump’s support base and were key to Trump’s clinching of the White House. McConnell has had a more hard time rounding up support in the Senate.

“The Senator is resting comfortably at home and is in good condition”.

“I have never known a man more tenacious and resilient than John McCain“.

Portman and Heller also face pressure from Republican governors in their states who are anxious the Senate bill’s curtailing of federal support for ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion could hurt their constituents.

Four other more moderate Senators – Portman of Ohio, Murkowski of Alaska, Capito of West Virginia and Heller of Nevada remain undecided about their votes. “[The current bill] does not include the measures I have been advocating for on behalf of the people of Arizona”, he said.

In all, 20 Republican senators come from states that have expanded Medicaid.

“Have no doubt”, McCain said in a statement.