Smash Bros Modders’ New Game Looks an Awful Lot Like Smash Bros

The long-awaited Evo Japan lineup has finally been revealed.

With the conclusion of the Super Smash Bros for Wii U grand finals, Evo 2017 released the official trailer for their first ever Japanese event: Evo Japan, to happen in the opening days of 2018.

As fighting game tournament Evo 2017 concluded in Las Vegas, Nevada, the line-up of games was announced for January’s inaugural Evo Japan championship series in Tokyo, revealing that Nintendo Switch fighter Arms will be included for the first time. Brawl was altered in several ways to make it feel a bit more like its predecessor, Super Smash Bros.

The lineup certainly reflects the event’s location. However, one thing that may have factored into the mod’s termination was the group’s announcement of new projects being built “from the ground up”, with Icons: Combat Arena likely being the game that ceased Project M’s production. With a beta launching on Steam this fall, Wavedash Games are attempting to bring the feeling of Smash Bros. While many would’ve thought that Arc System Works’ new announcement would be the icing on the cake at this year’s tournament, Wavedash Games have broken through with the reveal of their new game Icons: Combat Arena.

Evo 2017 is nearly over, and it’s been a pretty incredible show.

Street Fighter V’s inclusion wasn’t quite the slam dunk that it is for the American version of the event. Melee, with Melee being more popular in America, but SSB4 winning out in Japan.

As for the event itself, it has been a long time coming. EVO Japan was originally announced in 2010, but the Tohoku quake in March 2011, occurring shortly before the event in May 2011, led to it being indefinitely postponed until the dates were set for this event in January.