Trump climbs into firetruck at ‘Made in America’ event

The president also is expected to issue a proclamation Wednesday on the importance of making goods in America, and will travel to Virginia on Saturday for the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford, a new aircraft carrier.

President Donald Trump is taking part in the kickoff event of “Made in America” week on Monday.

In April, President Trump signed an excutive order requiring federal government projects in the US use American made products, including steel.

White House Press Sean Spicer echoed that sentiment, saying, “The president is fighting for hard working people in this country and puts the needs of American workers first”.

In keeping with the promise, Trump has attempted to decrease regulations on companies in the US and also renegotiate trade deals with many foreign nations.

“Made in America” week will last from July 17 until July 23, and it’s in line with Trump’s promise to bring back manufacturing jobs in the United States that have been lost party due to improved technology.

The effort comes amid escalating inquiries into possible ties between Trump campaign aides and the Russian government, which intelligence agencies have concluded meddled in the 2016 election in an effort to help Mr. Trump win.

So they won’t be celebrating any of their products this week because they don’t meet America’s “world standard for quality and craftsmanship”. The Washington Post earlier reported that most of Ivanka’s products are made by low-wage workers in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

Asked about Ivanka Trump products again later in the briefing, Spicer replied, “I can tell you it depends on the product”.

It seems the Trump administration wants to take control of the policy messages coming out of the White House – with some “themed weeks”.