Updated TouchPal keyboard starts serving banner ads to HTC 10 users

Companies like HTC often choose to install a keyboard app like TouchPal by default instead of making their own. As if it weren’t bad enough to be faced with ads no matter what corner of the Interwebs you go, HTC has decided that you should also see them in nearly all screens of your smartphone.

HTC phones run the Android operating system, which lets people download and install a variety of third-party keyboards so that they can customise their typing experience. And since they are the customer’s first recourse, users will naturally blame them or come to them for solutions or both. Heck, it is even possible that HTC didn’t know that the ads would appear. The official HTC account admin just recommended uninstalling the update. On the one hand that is an easy thing to do. Removing those ads require users to purchase the paid version of the keyboard.

“The way you show your junk ads whenever I want to write something is the most stupid and annoying way of advertising ever”. Tap on that and accept the warnings. It is, however, still a bad first experience for users who really just want to be able to type in peace, without being bothered by ads. But in its HTC-specific iteration, it has plummeted to under 3 stars after a mystery server error caused the recent invasion of unwanted ads on high-end devices, mainly the 10.

HTC HAS TAKEN A LEAF out of Microsoft’s book and has started serving up adverts to users of its smartphones.

For its part, HTC has responded to widespread anger with the promise of a “fix” coming soon, as “this is absolutely not the experience we intended”.

While it isn’t entirely HTC’s fault that the otherwise-popular app is now showing ads, it’s a risk that the company should have anticipated when it agreed to have a third-party keyboard pre-installed on its devices.