Watch ‘Marvel Powers United VR’ Grant Superpowers to Mere VR Wearing Mortals

The Oculus Rift will add another virtual reality experience to its growing catalog, this time with a superhero twist. Between the MCU’s continued box office dominance, the various Defenders-verse series in many ways serving as the crown jewels of Netflix’s original programming lineup, and plenty of successful Marvel-based video games on the market and coming soon, it feels safe to say that Marvel now sits at or near the top of the pop culture world.

Marvel have announced that the upcoming title will feature co-operative multiplayer that allows up to four players to take control of their favourite Marvel heroes to fight supervillains, complete assigned missions and compete for a high score. A new game called Marvel Powers United VR was recently announced for the VR device during the D23 Expo. The game will release in 2018, although an exact date has yet to be specified.

Three characters have already been confirmed. San Diego Comic Con attendees will get the chance to try out MARVEL Powers United VR during the show (July 19-23).

Hulk’s abilities include things like seismic punch and thunder clap. The Hulk, he said, made him feel huge, while Rocket Raccoon made him feel like he was looking up at just about everything around him.

A range of comfort and locomotion options will be available, so players can choose the options that best fit them.

The announcement trailer is available to view below.