WhatsApp Beta for iPhone supports ‘in-app’ playback of YouTube videos

We recently heard that WhatsApp had started to support more file types and now it looks like more features are coming to the messaging app.

This feature is now available on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only. WhatsApp to Introduce In App YouTube Playback for Videos Soon.

WhatsApp may soon allow you to run YouTube videos within the chat app, reports the fans site WaBetaInfo.

WhatsApp may be looking to solve this problem as it’s reportedly testing a new feature that allows you to watch YouTube videos in the chat window. This In App YouTube function will let users to play videos of YouTube shared links within the Application.

See it in action in video at WABetainfo here. This feature is not available ti the public as it is now in testing phase. It can be put into fullscreen mode by pinching on the video.

Apparently, you can also expand the video to full screen, or hide it momentarily, to get a better view of the chat window. This will save time of clicking the link and then directing to YouTube. This is because; these devices have significantly bigger screens, which is important for this particular feature to work well. It is available for iPhone Beta testers.

This is not a feature that will be remotely enabled, at the moment (so also this may change in future), but it will be enabled with a new WhatsApp update on the AppStore when the feature will be ready. As playing YouTube videos outside the app has been an annoyance for so long, we will eagerly wait to see the feature roll out widely.