Chick-fil-A now testing ‘family style’ meals, new side items

Chick-Fil-A is testing out “Family Style Meals” that would allow customers to carry out entrees and sides meant to feed an entire family.

The “Family Style Meals” include hefty portions of meat that’ll surely fill everyone’s empty stomachs and tasty new sides that are guaranteed to fulfill your craving for comfort food. The first of these two sides are new offerings from Chick-fil-A.

The new meal options are created to feed up to four people, and include the choice of one entree, two side dishes – including new offerings such as bacon baked beans or mac and cheese -and eight mini rolls at a cost of $29.99, with additional entrees, sides and beverage available for an extra cost. “Mealtime should be an enjoyable experience that brings family and friends together, not an extra stress in the day”.

Those watching their waistlines will approve as well: A meal featuring a grilled chicken breast, two mini-rolls, the side salad and fruit cup is only approximately 300 calories. The sides include Mac and cheese (YUM), Bacon Baked Beans, Fruit Cup, Side Salad, or the Superfood Side (which involves kale, according to People).

Chick-fil-A announced a new slate of family meals for $29.99.

The family-sized menu is currently being tested in three locations throughout the country right now: Greensboro, North Carolina, Phoenix, Arizona, and San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to the Family Style Meals, Chick-fil-A is also testing the options of Bacon Baked Beans and Mac & Cheese as individual sides in these three cities.

“The Bacon Baked Beans are kettle-cooked with bacon and brown sugar for a sweet and savory taste”, Chick-fil-A says in the release. The mac & cheese features a blend of cheeses including cheddar, Parmesan and Romano.

Fried chicken sandwich with mac “n” cheese?