Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead said his dog is being held for ransom

Blitz was being watched at the friend’s house at the time of the dognapping, and now that dog thief is demanding Whitehead pay $10,000 to have the dog returned to him.

The captors have reached out to Whitehead via phone on multiple accounts, demanding ransom money for the dog’s return, according to National Football League player’s post.

Cowboys third-year wide receiver Lucky Whitehead announced on Instagram that his dog, Blitz, has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom.

Whitehead explained in an Instagram post that a friend was taking care of Blitz last Sunday while he was out of town. “It’s tough”, Whitehead told Dallas’s NBC 5 on Monday.

The unknown robber called Whitehead and asked him “How much does [this] dog mean to you”, per KXAS-TV Dallas, and went on to ask Whitehead to write him a check.

Whitehead signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Florida Atlantic in 2015. He said he thought the theft was “planned” and an “inside job”, but while he is “checking everybody”, he doesn’t know who did it and didn’t want to “point any fingers the wrong way”. “But I just want the dog back”.