‘Love Island’: Camilla Thurlow Confirms She DID Have Sex With Jamie Jewitt

LOVE Island viewers have branded Jamie Jewitt the flawless gent after he kept schtum after his night of passion with Camilla Thurlow. No, no, of course not.

Nope, because the nation’s sweetheart Camilla Thurlow hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off her face for a full week since she set eyes on the 27-year-old.

In an exclusive clip the following day, Camilla was seen confirming the news to a very excited Montana, revealing that Jamie “put it in last night”.

However, after partnering up with Calvin Klein model Jamie, Camilla has been seen getting frisky in the hideaway and appeared to take things to the next level with her new beau.

Put what in?” replies her pal.

Believing that she and Marcel are stronger due to their abstinence, Gabby added: “I just think because we have such deep feelings without having sex means so much and it nearly means more”.

At the end of last night’s Love Island, we saw each couple getting closer – and looking pretty loved-up.

And although we have been in this position before (so to speak), it turns out the answer was different this time around, as she has confirmed they DID have sex.

Montana gasps, clearly taken aback as she exclaims: “No!” “Can you confirm whether he has a small penis?” “He’s got nothing [wrong with him]”, she says. “He has a ideal penis”.

When Caroline asked him what he thought of it all, the 26-year-old said: “Are you serious?”

Olivia’s mum said on ITV’s Lorraine today: “People are saying she went in for the prize money… well if she did then she’s not playing a clever game, is she?”

But as the lights went out and the evening drew to a close, one pair in particular shocked EVERYONE.