Most Americans find Trump’s Twitter use inappropriate, insulting

A new poll showed Sunday the approval rating for US President Donald Trump, who approaches six months in office, sits at 36 percent after a steady decline since springtime, lower than that of any of his predecessors in 70 years. This drop in popularity isn’t too surprising given the allegations that have swirled around Trump and his team concerning collusion with Russian Federation as well as stumbles overseas.

Not only is Trump stunningly unpopular, but his support has already been reduced to base levels, and the bad news for this White House is that there is plenty of room for him to drop.

With his “modern day presidential” use of social media, Trump took to Twitter to address the situation about the poll.

Specifically, Trump claimed that the ABC/Washington Post poll right before the election was “the most inaccurate poll” of that time.

Trump’s had his own controversies: 40 percent of those polled said they think members of his campaign tried to help Russians interfere in the 2016 election.

Early Sunday morning, hours after the poll was released, Trump took to Twitter to defend himself.

Trump also sent one of his private lawyers, Jay Sekulow, onto five Sunday talk shows to argue that there was nothing illegal about son Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting previous year with a Russian attorney following a promise of damaging information on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

48 percent of Americans see us leadership in the world weaker under Trump; 27 percent say it’s stronger. His approval rating among respondents was just 36%-the lowest of any modern president at the six-month mark.

A full 48% of Americans said USA leadership in the world had gotten “weaker” while only 27% said stronger.

Before turning to that question, an important caveat is that a widely cited average of Trump approval rating polls by Real Clear Politics does show Trump’s rating hovering around 40 percent. A mere 38 percent of Americans say Trump has made significant progress toward advancing his agenda, while 55 percent disagree.

The Democratic Party also received negative marks – with 37% saying the party stands for something, and 52% believing the party stands “just against Trump”. Twice as many of those surveyed preferred the Obamacare health program as favored Republican plans to replace it. A total of 43% said they approve of this handling of the economy compared to 41% who disagree.

The poll was conducted between from July 10 to July 13 among a random sample of over 1,000 adults being surveyed over the phone, with a margin error of 3.5 points.