Tillerson to make announcement on Iran nuclear deal – White House

“The IAEA has verified, I believe, seven times now since the Implementation Day that Iran has implemented the deal faithfully, fully and completely”.

The talking points also cite the arbitrary arrests of Americans visiting Iran and they slam the previous Obama administration for focusing on signing a nuclear deal at the price of ignoring Iranian activities in the Middle East.

The United States, unlike Iran, does not fulfill its obligations under the nuclear deal, stated Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who is now in NY to attend the UN high-level political forum on sustainable development, said in an interview with CNN on July 16.

Bolton also said, since there is no chance of changing the Iranian deal, becasue Teheran would never agree to that, the U.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton wrote in The Hill that Trump is making a mistake by certifying the deal, as the evidence is clear Iran is violating the agreement, and it should not take so long to review the administration’s policy on the issue. Monday is the deadline, and a senior USA official said last week the administration was very likely to say Iran was adhering to the agreement although Trump has reservations about it.

He explained his position by saying that “the White House a few days ago said that U.S. President Donald Trump uses his visit to Hamburg for the G20 summit in order to convince the leaders of other countries not to deal with Iran”.

“Continued sanctions, calls from the White House for nations to refrain from investing in Iran, and an increase in military encounters between the USA and Iran all threaten the deal”, the NIAC added. The nuclear deal stipulated a gradual lifting of the economic and diplomatic sanctions previously imposed on Iran in exchange for Tehran maintaining the strictly peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

The document also labels the Persian state as “one of the most unsafe threats to USA interests”.