Uber app now allows tipping in MA and nationwide

Ride-hailing giant Uber has introduced in-app tipping.

How does it work?

Riders can now tip Uber drivers from within the company’s ride sharing app, in a shift for a company that had long sought to distance itself from tipping culture.

As a thank you, Uber is matching all tips for trips taken on Tuesday.

Tipping officially launches in the District on Monday afternoon, an Uber spokesman said.

Before today, passengers were allowed to give tips to their drivers in cash, but the app did not suggest they do so.

Riders can tip via the app and the company claims that adding money or opting out of a tip will not impact a rider’s rating. UberEats customers can also tip their drivers after deliveries, the company says.

As of Monday, Uber riders can now tip their drivers.

By the end of this month, Uber drivers in every United States and Canadian city will be able to accept tips, the company said. The move was welcomed by regulators and driver advocates who said tipping was a step toward better wages and fairer treatment of drivers. Lyft and Pittsburgh-created CabbyGo welcome tipping. If you rate your driver without tipping, you can go back and add a tip up to 30 days later. “It starts with tipping, which is now available in the Uber Driver app”.

“Never doubt the power of organized workers to win big changes”, Jim Conigliaro Jr., a guild founder and Machinists Union official, said in a statement Thursday.

The apps have operated in Upstate New York since late June.