Woman trapped in train doors dragged along platform

Shocking footage shows a woman being dragged along a platform by a train in Italy, sparking a row over the safety of Rome’s Metro system.

The incident occurred this past Wednesday at the Termini station of the Rome Metro subway system.

Other videos appear to show the train driver, named by Italian media outlets as Gianluca Tonelli, forking food into his mouth before he departs. She was taken to a nearby hospital and was initially in intensive care.

At the far end of the platform, Belorus national Natalya can be seen cautiously stepping on board before apparently changing her mind and getting off again.

It is unclear whether she was able to free herself from the door before she got dragged into the underground tunnel.

She is reported to have been saved when passengers on board pulled the emergency alarm.

As the train gathers speed Ms Garkovich is dragged to the floor and along the platform, reportedly breaking her back and puncturing her lung.

He is now under investigation, but authorities have not taken disciplinary action against him.

‘But in the video it can also be seen that I look twice in the mirror, I was not reckless.

Tonelli was said to have been unaware of what happened until he arrived at the next station. The lady made a odd manoeuver up and down, the security system has not reported anything to me and I left.

“The train driver respected protocol”.

Passengers activated the emergency brake after the woman just failed to jump on to the moving train. “In that moment, a woman got stuck. If cabin where the driver is situated on the train had cameras, then this whole situation could have been different”.