Southwest Employee Goes Above And Beyond For Cancer Patient

A Southwest Airlines employee who personally delivered lost luggage to a passenger’s home in the middle of the night is being called a “guardian angel” by the woman she helped. So, Sarah voluntarily drove to Stacy’s home at 3:00 a.m.

Hurt had taken an earlier flight out of Nashville and the later, original flight she booked had a maintenance issue so her luggage had had to be rerouted, she said in a Facebook post.

“Anybody who has gone through chemotherapy and is battling cancer knows how important it is to have certain items for chemotherapy”, the woman said. But many of them were personal items to me.

That morning, Stacy discovered the bag and something she didn’t pack – a handwritten note from Sarah that encouraged her to “kick that cancer’s butt”.

“She was just as sweet as can be”, Rowan told ABC News.

Southwest sent Channel 11 a statement, praising Sarah’s actions: “Southwest employees like Sarah never cease to amaze us, and we’re proud to hear of the fantastic ways they show what our Southwest heart is all about”.

Rowan told Hurt that she would continue to track her luggage and keep her posted, no matter the hour. However, when the bag finally arrived at the airport late that evening there was another problem: All of the couriers used by the airline to deliver bags were gone for the night. Hurt was able to thank Rowan – who did not immediately return a request for comment – for her act of kindness on the phone on Wednesday. “I’ll get it to you, we’ll get it to you somehow, some way”.

“I looked up her address to see how far away she lived and she lived about 20 minutes away”, Rowan said.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God. I started to cry and explained to Sarah what was in the luggage and how I needed it”, said Hurt.

Hurt was on the line with Sarah Rowan, a Southwest customer service agent who’s been with the airline for just six months.

“We are very proud of Sarah’s kind, compassionate actions that represent the best of Southwest Hospitality and the legendary customer service that our wonderful employees aim to deliver every day”, a company spokesman told HuffPost in a statement. “When you have cancer and you have chemo, this is the toughest thing ever”. “I just started getting very emotional, and I started to cry”, Stacy told KDKA in Pittsburg.