Amir Khan opens up about split from wife Faryal Makhmood on Snapchat

I know it’s something you guys don’t wanna see but it’s what my ex-wife in a way drove me to do basically. Just chilling in Dubai’. And shockingly, he has blamed his wife for his actions.

“Next thing she went to hit me, but I was with it, so I grabbed her wrist – and with her other hand she glassed me straight in the face”.

He continued: “They’ve taken my daughter away from me, she’s in NY”. Faryal’s threatening me to never see my daughter again.

Seeking fan support, Khan continued, “I don’t want to live like this”.

“Amir is a very good friend, and I’m really happy that his brother is in town to support him through this tough time and we made a decision to go out – me, Amir, his brother and other groups of friends just to go out and have a nice time”, she added. “I don’t drink alcohol or anything but I just went out with a group of friends to enjoy my night”. “I just do apologise and I’m sorry for upsetting you all”.

Ms Hannides met Khan – who publicly split up with his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, 26, and posted about it on Twitter – and the pair swapped numbers.

The British boxer recently announced his spilt with Makhdoom on Twitter accusing her of cheating on him with boxer Anthony Joshua.

With his arms wrapped around the brunette beauty, Khan is seen asking in the clip, “What’s up?”

The next day the boxer, 30, sent Bia a message saying: “I get punched in the face for a living and still get the best girls”.

A BRITISH woman claims she was “glassed by a jealous air hostess” on a night out with former world champion Amir Khan.

“I’m going to leave tomorrow morning”.