Anthem to exit Obamacare market in Virginia

“Despite efforts by the Bureau (of Insurance) to encourage Anthem HealthKeepers to remain in the individual market in all of its Virginia service areas in 2018, the company ultimately made the decision to exit virtually the entire market”, said Cunningham, who runs the bureau at the State Corporation Commission.

Republican Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William J. Howell said that the announcement proves that the Healthcare Marketplace is failing. Obamacare is hurting more people than it is helping, forcing Americans to buy insurance they don’t like, don’t need, and can not afford.

Is Congress listening to voices so near the Potomac?

Mr. Greg Orear’s article in The Journal July 30, 2017 alleged that the Affordable Care Act was a failure because it did not control the cost of health care.

US Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine released a joint statement in which they blamed the company’s decision on the uncertainty in the marketplace caused by the Trump Administration.

Friday’s decision does not affect those who have employer-based insurance or individuals enrolled in “grandfathered” plans, which are plans purchased before March 2010, he said. If Congress continues to kick the can down the road, it will only exacerbate the problems we now face. “Other insurers state that if they do not get clarity by the time rates must be finalized – which is August 16 for the federal marketplace – they may either increase their premiums further or withdraw from the market”. President Trump has repeatedly called on Republican leadership to revisit the issue in order to fulfill the longtime promise of repeal and replace.

Insurers still have no idea whether the Administration plans to follow through on its threats to withhold cost-sharing reduction payments.

Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have already begun working in a bipartisan way to explore ways we can improve the health care system and provide additional stability to the health care marketplaces.

Anthem updated its insurance filing for 2018 this month after what they say was significant dialogue with federal leaders and regulators.

On Monday, Anthem (antm) said it would no longer offer Obamacare plans in Nevada’s state exchange and half of Georgia’s counties in 2018.

The Republican controlled Congress worked to block promised payments to the insurance companies who entered the individual insurance market, forcing many to raise premiums or abandon the market entirely.

“Our commitment to members has always been to provide greater access to affordable, quality healthcare”, Golden said.