Arizona Rep. Sinema open to running for Senate against Flake

Jeff Flake (R) in Arizona next year, and the NBC affiliate in Phoenix reports today that she is now planning to do exactly that.

“I’ve heard from many Arizonans encouraging me to run for the United States Senate. It is something I am seriously considering”, Sinema said in a statement. Flake narrowly won in 2012 and is among the very few GOP incumbents who might be vulnerable next year in a Senate map that favors Republicans. “When I make any decisions, Arizonans will be the first to know”.

Sinema was also thought to be a potential opponent of Republican Sen.

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who also served as Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has reportedly formed a new PAC “as he steps up his political activity and considers a possible run for president in 2020”. Gabrielle Giffords when she was shot at a constituent meeting in Tucson in 2011. But she’s sought to cultivate a more moderate profile in the House, joining the Blue Dog Coalition of centrist Democrats.

If Sinema does run for Senate, she would face in the Democratic primary Chris Russell, an Army Reserve veteran, and Phoenix attorney Deedra Abboud, whom Flake defended after she was attacked for being Muslim.

While Sinema has always been considered a potential Senate contender, a source with knowledge of the race said she has been indicating over the past few weeks that she is leaning towards running. He was critical of President Donald Trump during the campaign and his recent book, “Conscience of a Conservative” took the GOP to task over Trump’s rise to the White House. John McCain last cycle. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had the seat on its list of challenging races in 2012, 2014 and 2016, and Republicans said Friday they smell an opportunity.