Author of HuffPost Article Fights Possible Defamation Suit by Fox News Host

Patty Glaser, the writer’s attorney, responded to the lawsuit in a letter Friday urging Mr. Bolling to either dismiss the litigation immediately or risk being dragged over the coals under oath.

That’s not a denial of the accusations, Glaser argues, especially since Ali asked two very pointed questions that went unanswered: “Has Eric, at any point, sent lewd or inappropriate text messages or emails to Fox News or Fox Business colleagues that were unsolicited?” and “Has Eric ever sent the image of a man’s genitalia (whether it was Eric’s genitalia or not) to any Fox News or Fox Business colleagues?”

Bolling was suspended over the weekend pending an internal investigation that a Fox spokesperson said is underway.

In an interesting twist, Ali revealed on Twitter that his attorney is Patricia L. Glaser, a top attorney who has been a Fox News guest and who represented conservative radio titan Rush Limbaugh.

Because Bolling’s summons doesn’t specify which false statements he’s suing over, Glaser, like many observers in the media, assumed it was sent in response to Ali’s August 4 HuffPost story that alleged the host sent “an unsolicited photo of male genitalia” via text message to multiple colleagues.

Ali wrote last week that Bolling is accused of sending unsolicited photos of male genitalia to co-workers over several years. She added that Mr. Bolling was a public figure and not entitled to damages.

The letter calls Bolling’s lawsuit “a calculated effort to harass and intimidate Mr. Ali personally”, and slams Bowe for pursuing the case.

HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen previously described Mr. Ali as a “careful and meticulous reporter” and said the website has “no hesitation” with regards to funding his defense.

Bolling is being represented by Kasowitz Benson Torres, the same firm that defended former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly following sexual harassment allegations.

HuffPost was not named in the summons, but the news organization has said it had would stand by Mr. Ali financially. “No evidence has been produced about these claims, and that is why we filed suit so that the evidence and truth will come out”.

“We welcome the opportunity to depose Mr. Bolling and review his message history, as we presume that you have instructed him to preserve communications”, Ms. Glaser said.

“At best, you failed to investigate Mr. Bolling’s claims”, the letter reads.

This article was updated with a statement from Michael Bowe.