Celebrity Big Brother’s Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson kiss

After a series of breakdowns in the house, John Hardman, who became estranged from his daughter in 2000, has called for her to be removed from the show as he says she is being ‘cruelly exploited’.

John’s last communication with Sarah was when she passed a letter to him through her mother at the funeral of her grandfather Patrick.

Turning her attention to Lucy, she said: “She’s extremely aggressive”, adding: “Honestly, I’ve never met more frightful people than the ones in that CBB house, they all just desperately want a career again”. “I’m just trying to be a decent person”. I might you never know.

“I just watched Paul [Danan] body-shaming me, basically saying I have my ass hanging out and walk around with my legs showing”.

Harding replies: “No, I was almost, it ended six months before the wedding. I hope they remain good friends”.

“We’ve got our own lives going on”.

Their kiss comes soon after Chad admitted to having feelings for Sarah in the Diary Room. “He’s not thinking about she’s got a boyfriend, maybe we should actually not go there…she is doing the same”. I thought Jordan and I get along really well together.

She said: “We will see if they sort this s*** out, and if they do, I won’t have to make the video I want to make”.

Chad says; “Come over here for like five minutes for a cuddle”.

The former “Apprentice” contestant has found himself named as the second star to leave the Channel 5 reality show during Friday’s (11.08.17) broadcast of the show, shortly after “Mob Wives” beauty Marissa Jade was sent packing earlier this week.