Eclipse warning: Beware of ‘Lizard Man’ during solar event

But the South Carolina Emergency Management Division is anxious about something a bit more, let’s say, nontraditional.

The map shows where bigfoot sightings in the United States and the path of totality for the eclipse overlap. “As always, if you see something, say something”, the department tweeted alongside the graphic, with a tongue possibly in cheek (but who knows).

Oh, and if you happen to be in SC for the eclipse and run across Bigfoot instead of a Lizard Man, police in Greenville County say they’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t shoot him.

“This historical map is in response to recent media reports about possible paranormal activity associated with the upcoming total eclipse”, the agency explains. So, if you believe the rumors that bigfoot and lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse, you might want to park a seat somewhere in one of those locations. Described as a “red-eyed demon”, the creature (or creatures?) have crossed paths with other SC residents in the years since, with several more reports of large lizard-like creatures helping to build the local lore.

Alleged sightings of the “Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp” date back to 1988.

Legend has it, around 2 a.m. one summer morning in 1988, Christopher Davis, a 17-year-old from Lee County, South Carolina, encountered a creature that eventually gathered worldwide attention and is now known as “Lizard Man”.download War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 movie

In North Carolina, the Greenville Police Department posted a video of a Bigfoot sighting from 2015, telling its followers “if you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot him/her”.