First of abortion bills heading to Gov. Abbott

He wanted another shot at bullying Straus and the House into passing his anti-transgender bathroom bill, plus a bill to make it tougher for local governments to raise property taxes.

The Centers for Disease Control, for example, publishes an annual report of abortion data, but states are not required to participate.

Legislative supporters agree these changes are necessary to maintain an environment of accountability, but the sixth bill faces serious opposition in the House. And I would say in the vast majority of cases, the cost of the procedure does not even rise to the deductible of the insurance coverage.

The following week, House Republicans hope to pass the budget resolution, which will include reconciliation instructions for tax reform meant to prevent a Democratic filibuster in the Senate. It is one of a number of pro-life bills that Texas lawmakers passed this month during a special session called by Abbott.

But as the special legislative session moves toward an August 18 end date and House proposals to send schools money await their fate in the Senate, some rural-school leaders say they’re dangling over a September 1 fiscal cliff. “For me, the bill is not dead until the special session is over and all our legislators start to understand that transgender Texans, people like me, are no threat to society”.

After California barred state-paid travel to Texas over a new law to allow foster care agencies to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of “sincerely held religious beliefs”, there is little wonder that the travel industry would weigh in on the bathroom bill. “Many Texans are alarmed at the effort by some to erode all gender barriers in our schools and public spaces and at the end of the day, there will be future legislative sessions and elections to continue the conversation”.

Meanwhile, the Senate has tucked a few provisions to increase funding for public schools into a separate “private school choice” bill.

The House Public Education Committee’s chairman, state Rep. That capped more than three hours of debate featuring emotional pushback from Democrats and some Republicans who supported the nursing home law during the regular session. Law Enforcement officials and others have made clear that these bathroom bills are a solution in search of a problem – in fact, worse, because they create problems where there were none. The legislation already has been approved by the Senate, so a final vote by the House will send them to Abbott for his consideration. But he was unsure whether he could craft an amendment in such a way that it would survive a likely parliamentary challenge by opponents who could argue that Simmons’ amendment was not germane to the bill under debate.

SB 5, one of Governor Abbott’s 20 priorities for the special session, comes on the heels of a mail-in voter fraud scandal in local Dallas elections.

Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, said his door had been open for all interested parties to give their input. “Joe Straus can block legislation he doesn’t want to have happen”.