Guam Governor Says Trump Called, Assured Island Is Safe

North Korean military on Thursday said it would prepare a plan by mid-August to strike Guam, a U.S. island territory in the Western Pacific, with intermediate missiles.

“It would seem to me you would need a higher-level back channel if you’re going to have a deal on a nuclear program or missile program”, Galbraith said. All over the world they’re talking about Guam. In the President’s words they are behind us “1000 percent.”As the head of the Government of Guam, I appreciate their reassurances that my family, my friends, everyone on this island, are all safe”.

“Don’t worry about a thing”, Trump said. “I just wanted to call and say hello”.

Trump praised the military, bashed an “obstructionist Congress” and told Calvo how tourism would be boosted for Guam without spending money. “And frankly, you could have said that for the last three presidents”.

Trump again reassures Calvo, saying, “We’ll see how it all works out but you’re not going to have a problem”.

He then reassures Mr Calvo, who he describes as a “hell of a guy”, telling him the U.S. military is “rock solid”.

“We are the best in the world by a factor of five”, he said.

Mr. Calvo, who has been Guam’s governor since 2011, concluded that there was some concern among the public on Guam but no panic and the authorities were “very confident” that there was no heightened threat despite the warnings from North Korea which were first made on Wednesday.

If correct, and if the U.S. allows the missiles to launch in the first place, that leaves 17 minutes for tracking stations on land and sea – including the Pine Gap facility near Alice Springs – to calculate, target and try to destroy the missiles.

White House officials just revealed that President Donald Trump’s heated rhetoric against North Korea is part of a bold and innovative improvised plan to start a nuclear war and then rebuild the earth utilizing Trump worldwide real estate construction.