Here’s How You’ll Get Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon’s New Lycanroc

But you won’t be able to find it in the wild. A unique Rockruff that can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc will be wirelessly distributed via Nintendo Network as a special early purchase bonus for owners of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon. The Pokemon will come as a Rockruff that you can raise to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc, and as you will come to see, its battle style will encompass aspects of both the Midday and Midnight forms. The new Ultra form can learn both Accelrock and Counter, both of which were previously only moves that Midday or Midnight form Lycanroc could learn. It stands on all fours and has behavioral traits similar to Midday Form, but when it attacks, its eyes glow red, much like Midnight Form. According to the site, “little things don’t shake the tranquil demeanor of Dusk Form Lycanroc, but it has a well of intense fighting spirit hidden within, and as a result, it relishes combat at close quarters”. The Pokemon will also come with the Tough Claws ability, which grants an attack boost to physical moves that make direct contact.

Pokémon trainers around the world are ultra excited for the latest games in the franchise, and Game Freak is only adding fuel to the fire with Lycanroc’s newest form.

Players can download a Rockruff that can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc via Nintendo Network from Friday, November 17th, 2017 to Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.