Kannada actor Upendra says he will launch ‘corruption-free’ political party

The actor has not yet decided the name or symbol of his political outfit. The star has conveyed his “mann ki baat” through an audio clip to launch his own political outfit that would live up to the real spirit of democracy. “I’m now working on a film”.

For now, Sandalwood star Upendra has tried to put a full stop to all the speculations which suggested that he may join BJP. Nonetheless, there will be clarity on the issue only after his press meet.

“I am entering the field of politics to bring about a change in the system of governance, serve the people and improve their quality of life”, Upendra told reporters here. Clad in a khaki shirt, the “real star” as called by his fans, said the dress symbolizes that the party doesn’t want “Jana nayaka” or “Jana sevaka” (public leader or public servant), but “Jana karmika” (public worker) who stays in a particular area and honestly works for people there, for a salary. Upendra said that the state of current politics is depending on money, caste and muscle power which needs to be wiped out. “That’s the reason why I won’t be taking money from anyone for my party”, he said.

The actor, who has been on and off dropping hints about his political entry, said he plans to form a party that creates a platform for talents who have ideas and skills to solve people’s problems. He will be reaching out to people through social media and other media outlets.

However, he did not specify whether he himself would contest the elections. “I believe the truth is very powerful”. As of now, I have made a decision to launch a platform for like-minded people.

Upendra has said he will select the candidates representing his party only based on merits. He said “I’m not blaming any political party or anybody….they have all got entangled in a circle”. “I don’t work for free”.

Upendra has shared E-mail ids inviting suggestions and feedback from the public.