Kate Middleton’s engraved necklace is a secret tribute to Princess Diana

The statement of the Queen suggests that Elizabeth II has ruled out his son, Prince Charles, from the hereditary lineage of the crown and rights to the throne.

Kate’s necklace includes a hand-engraved gold disc with the George’s full name, a small heart engraved with a “W”, (for William) and a boy-shaped charm.

Claims that Prince William will take the throne instead of his father Prince Charles has caused a bit of a royal frenzy and royal enthusiasts are elated that Kate Middleton may be queen much sooner than expected.

“She’s 65 years spent on the throne and knows what it takes to the House of Windsor has survived, and sees that William and Kate have the energy and star quality, which are necessary for the performance of public debt in the modern world”.

“In 2013, Pippa Middleton continued this family tradition by giving her sister Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, our Personalised Duchess Necklace to celebrate the birth of Prince George“. Middleton is known for her parenting style which seeks to keep Prince George and Princess Charlotte as out of the spotlight as possible, yet the insider indicates that this will not be as simple when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ascend the throne. The sweet Merci Maman designed gold necklace pays tribute to Princess Diana, who was given a similar one when she had her first child.

On their website, Merci Maman say that mums can recreate Kate’s necklace themselves in silver.

The necklace’s start at $129 not including shipping – which isn’t too pricey, to be honest.