Kerala school has freaky uniforms rule based on students’ academic skills

Believe it or not, but a school in Kerala has actually announced two different uniforms for academically sound and under-performing students.

While academically sharp students were given white shirts and tops, average and underperforming students were directed to wear red check shirts and tops.

The parents were told by the Al Farooque English Medium School that the uniform would trigger healthy competition and would help improve the academic performance of the average students. The new uniform dress code began after the school reopened post summer break in June. Parents are up in arms over the decision and even Childline has gotten involved as it is anxious that children will be emotionally damaged by the alleged discrimination. The survey revealed that the students feel discriminated owing to the introduction of the new system. Following intervention by district childline authorities after some parents and students complained to them, the school has withdrawn the move, authorities said. When the criticisms of the parents were not working, the parents contacted the Childline, a body that works under the state social welfare ministry to ensure the rights of children, the officials of Childline found that the system was highly biased. “Following this, we made a visit to the school in June to inquire about the matter”, he said. “The intention was very positive and we received no complaints from the students or parents”. “Students were selected on the basis of their academic and cocurricular activities and discipline”. When approached a spokesman of the Al Farooque group, there was statement declared that the school would terminate the school uniform instantly and strict action would be taken against the principal. After heated discussions on the topic on social media, the photographer has been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.