Need solar eclipse glasses?

Keep in mind if you’re leaving the day of the eclipse, these drive times are most likely going to double, so make sure to pack your traffic survival kit and extra sanity.

The Moon’s shadow will block the Sun’s light, and weather permitting, those within the path of totality will be treated to a view of the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. Eclipses don’t last long, however.

“People need to remember that ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun”, adds Dr. Kenneth Knudtson. A more accurate forecast will be available a few days prior to the eclipse.

“It is an unspeakable sight”, Zeiler said, describing the moon as appearing “sort of as a black hole”. “The reason is because the orbital plane of the Earth around the sun is actually not in line with the orbital plane of the moon around the Earth”, he says. He saw his first partial eclipse when he was 12, then witnessed a total solar solar eclipse at 18.

With an estimated 200 million people living within a day’s drive of the path, huge crowds are expected.

Besides, I already saw a total eclipse on March 7, 1970 back in Cincinnati.

Teachers are getting ready to safely view the eclipse with pinhole viewers and glasses made to view the eclipse.

Colorado Springs’ Space Foundation Discovery Center is throwing a solar eclipse party from 9 2 p.m.

“If you stood still, you should see an eclipse about once every 150 years, so this is less than a 1 percent chance”, Adler’s Ciupik said.

A 99.5 percent eclipse, Zeiler said, can best be described as the seconds right before sunset. For more information, check out SciFri’s Great American Eclipse spotlight. The SDSU Society of Physics Students will host a campus viewing session near the west entrance to the Student Union Aug. 21 and will have free eclipse glasses available at that location starting the morning of the event.

As the eclipse progresses, Truska said, people will start noticing the blue daytime sky turn darker and darker.

Eclipses happens sometimes when moon orbits earth and moves between the sun and earth, casting a shadow onto our planet. “It’s odd to have twilight and hard crisp short shadows that look like midday shadows”.

A 99.5 percent eclipse means that the sun will be almost 200,000 times darker than it normally is, Jackson said.

And if this eclipse doesn’t do the trick, plenty more are coming soon.

When the moon passes between the Earth and the sun on August 21, the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) will capture the view of the eclipse from Stockton with a solar telescope and stream the celestial show via the SJCOE Live YouTube Channel.

Bob Baer, a Southern Illinois University physics professor, will be taking telescopic images of the eclipse in Carbondale as part of a NASA initiative to collect photos from almost 70 sites in the path of totality. According to Idaho Commerce, visitors will start pouring in as early as August 17.

I’m convinced, where can I see the eclipse in its full glory?

“Maybe (the eclipse) will inspire some kid, some new genius to get into science”, Espenak said.

And while it was supposed to be the first day of class, all classes are cancelled on eclipse day. And when sunlight was completely blocked during one eclipse, scientists in Mexico observed orb spiders tearing down their webs. But these take-your-breath-away eclipses usually occur in the middle of the ocean somewhere, though, or near the sparsely populated top or bottom of the world.

Johnsons said people should prepare their animals.

At the college event, from 10 1 p.m., on Monday, Aug. 21, there will be large viewing screens with live streaming from NASA, multiple telescopes with safety filters set up for public viewing (or bring your own) and NASA solar glasses.

Sedlacek is traveling with friends to southern Kentucky, along the Tennessee border, to capture the eclipse in its totality. I don’t recall the actual amount she was charging, but it was substantial.