Samsung's next fitness watch is probably coming this month

The recently revealed Samsung Gear Sport hybrid smartwatch has already been certified by FCC, while the upcoming Gear Fit 2 Pro has been listed on the company’s official website.

A sports-focused watch would make plenty of sense. Nowhere in the FCC listing does Samsung actually list that the Gear Sport is a smartwatch per-say, but the rounded body of the gadget indicates that it will have a smartwatch-like appearance at the very least. This should be a FAIR indicator of the name of the device as it heads to the production floor.

According to rumors, the smartwatch will probably consist of features such as on-board Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Samsung has also requested that the documents regarding further details of the smart device be confidential. A new Gear Fit band was rumored to make its debut at the Tizen Developer event back in the spring, but Samsung had other plans for the fitness tracker. Making a new model that’s more tailored to exercise would help it better compete with Apple and could get more people interested in the product. Exactly what Samsung will bring differently to the market in terms of a sports-oriented device is yet to be seen.