Suspect, Victim Identified In Stillwater Shooting

The document additionally states that the shooting remains under investigation by Stillwater police, even though Carey already has been charged, and contends that the release of records could jeopardize the case.

Williams posted a $35,000 surety bond with Carey after he was arrested and charged with second degree burglary and possession of a controlled risky substance in late July. Williams was arrested July 27, accused of and charged in three different burglaries of Stillwater restaurants – Freddie Paul’s Steakhouse, Curly’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Palomino’s – between July 11-22. He was released from the Payne County jail on August 1 on $35,000 bail.

Just before noon Wednesday, Stillwater police responded to a shooting near 7th and Main after receiving a call from a local bail bondsman saying that she had just shot a man.

Carey told investigators a fight broke out in her office and she grabbed a gun and shot Williams during the fight.

What Carey did not say in the 911 call, though, was how she and Williams ended up in the hallway outside her office, and why Williams was found dead on the balcony outside an emergency exit. She said she meant to escort Williams back to the Payne County Sheriff’s Office, but she told police he put up a fight. Police report that witness statements as well as evidence found at the scene, including video evidence, contradict Carey’s version of the event. “The investigators’ findings indicate that the shooting was not a justifiable act of self-defense”.