Tesla wants to make its semi truck autonomous, test it in Nevada

Plans to develop the production of electric truck CEO of Tesla Elon Musk announced a year ago.

Now some details may have leaked out, in the form of an e-mail conversation between Tesla and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles seen by the Reuters news service.

The email exchange between Tesla and DMV revealed that prototype trucks will soon be tested.

Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk never stops when it comes to innovation, and now his company, Tesla, is developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that will be self-driving. This type of technology has been seen by some as a forerunner to full autonomy, as it could allow for one human driver in the lead, with multiple autonomous trucks following behind him or her.

Sure, you may be getting used to the idea of sharing the road with cars that drive themselves – but how do you feel about cruising alongside an autonomous semi-truck?

The company’s main task over the next year is to get its lower-priced Model 3 electric auto into volume assembly at high quality, a process CEO Elon Musk has called “production hell”.

According to Reuters, the Tesla semi is likely to offer the capability of “platooning”. Development of a Tesla truck is already underway, however – it isn’t just an electric truck.

Other Silicon Valley giants are going after trucking as well. The electric semi is also capable of driving by itself and in platoons where it will automatically follow a truck in front of it. Tesla is now getting closer to testing a working prototype. And Tesla, like other tech giants and automakers, has been racing to build self-driving cars.