Trump Bounce Back? New Rasmussen Poll Says So

President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 45 percent – a jump of six points from last week, according to the Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

To be clear, 45% is terrible, but compared to the mid-to-low 30’s he’s seeing in other polls, I guess it doesn’t seem so bad.

In an op-ed colum in the New York Times, the former us ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser to Obama, called Trump’s latest remarks on North Korea “reckless rhetoric”. Experienced poll-watchers might wonder why he’s pimping a Zogby poll instead of the Rasmussen tracking poll that Republicans normally use to fluff awful numbers.

But most other surveys have found Trump’s approval rating to be lower. The account, which is unverified and has no corresponding website attached, was created in March 2016 but has scrubbed the bulk of its tweets from before July 26. The tweet is earning attention in light of Trump’s own poor poll numbers during the ongoing dispute with North Korea. Previous survey questions include, “Do you think Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC/Clintons?” and “Do you think the wage gap for women is real?”