Trump retweets Fox headlines about ‘fallout’ for Republicans who cross him

Hardline Republican anger against McConnell spiked after Senate Republicans failed last month to pass the so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, a watered-down version of a previous Senate bill whose vote was postponed in early July because it didn’t have enough support. “I do think there are always holdouts, there are people who don’t want to see the president succeed, who, for whatever reason, will go against him no matter what”.

For the second time in as many days, the president scolded the Senate leader on Twitter Thursday for failing to produce either a full repeal – or replacement – of the former president’s disastrous signature health care legislation. Insurers say such a move would force them to leave the health law marketplaces or raise premiums.

Most (60%) of the public say that President Trump and Republicans in Congress control the government and are responsible for any problems with the ACA going forward, twice the share (28%) who say President Obama and Democrats in Congress are responsible for such problems. “Must Repeal & Replace ObamaCare!“.

On Thursday morning, Trump hit McConnell again.

“I talk to the president a lot”, he said.

This month’s survey also probes the public’s views about the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces, which allow Americans who don’t get insurance through their employer to shop for and purchase insurance, with tax credits available to low- and moderate-income customers. And not only do 78 percent of Americans want the Trump administration to do what it can to make ObamaCare work, but that includes 52 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of Trump supporters. “While Congress is dithering about keeping its promise to repeal [Obamacare] President Trump is keeping his promises with rapid-fire speed”.

For example, 6 in 10 Republicans and Trump backers want the GOP to continue its repeal and replace drive in Congress. Analysts say that would roil insurance markets because fewer healthy people would buy policies, leaving them with greater proportions of expensive, seriously ill customers.

Trump has suggested steps like halting subsidies to insurers who reduce out-of-pockets health costs for millions of consumers. Favorable views have increased 9 percentage points since the 2016 presidential election, with the trend occurring among Democrats, independents, and Republicans.

Kaiser contacted 1,211 adults for this survey from August 1 to 6 via landline and cellphone calls.

The survey was conducted between August 1 and 6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.