Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes

There is also no exact timeline as to when the update will go live either but it’s expected that the update will presumably include major balance changes to the game as well. For some, this game would come as a disappointment but, the bolstering community of Dota 2 should be optimistic about the game.

Aside from these, not much about the game has been revealed.

It’s still too early to predict how the game will perform in the already saturated digital card game genre.

Let’s start with what the game actually is. The duo will provide a welcome roster refresh: Valve hasn’t added any new heroes to the game since Monkey King in December a year ago. According to host Sean “Day9” Plott who made the reveal, “anything you see in ‘Dota, ‘ it’s here”.

Artifact will feature similarities as other digital card games in terms of cards representing creatures and spells. Players will control five heroes and these heroes will be based on the heroes in Dota 2.

These preview videos generally are representative of a heroes abilities, meaning this now unnamed hero will likely be highly mobile, with the ability to disarm opponents and curl up into a ball, rolling around to initiate or escape.

Valve has not yet announced if there is going to be any beta for Valve’s Artifact but, we would not be surprised if Valve holds some kind of public testing for the game before it comes out.

What do you think of how Artifact sounds now that we know a little more about it?

At every turn, creeps spawn on every lane which the players can kill, along with enemy heroes, to get gold. But with Valve’s plans to make Steam run on mobile, the game making its way to smartphones and tablets is definitely a possibility. For more coverage on the game keep checking back at SegmentNext.