Video shows car’s 7-story fall from Texas parking garage

The clip, released by Austin Police Department on Thursday, shows a Chevrolet Tahoe 4X4 about to turn around when the BMW falls onto the ground front wheels first just yards from the other vehicle.

A driver has survived a frightening plunge after driving her auto off the edge of a seven-storey vehicle park in Texas.

Police in Austin, Texas, have released footage of a auto plunging seven storeys from a multi-storey auto park and narrowly missing another vehicle.

According to police, the female driver hit the wrong pedal on the top story of the auto park before driving through a barrier and plunging into an alleyway.

The lady’s auto arrived on a Chevrolet Tahoe that was driving northbound in the back road amongst Fifth and Sixth boulevards.

Burch was not injured and quickly moved his auto before several other people surrounded the vehicle and helped pull the driver out.

Police released video of the crash August 10.

An ambulance took the woman to a hospital, but KVUE said yesterday that the woman is “reportedly OK”.

The vehicle rebounds onto William Burch’s Tahoe and then turns over on its top.

“I was pivoting in that little administration conveyance zone. As I was backing out towards the dumpster, I heard something, because I had my window down”, Burch said. “So I just instantly simply place it in drive and began driving forward and as I began driving forward, the auto arrived on me”.

GTT Parking, the garage’s owner, said a similar incident happened in September 2016 in the same location, but on a different floor in which no one was hurt. The driver was able to get out safely.