William Perry urges deterrence on North Korea crisis

“The survivors would envy the dead”, Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear weapons analyst with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey told the San Francisco Chronicle. North Korea holds about 60 of those weapons, which is at odds with a Swedish survey that also claimed in July the reclusive North only has 10-20 weapons.

Although the Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice, there has yet to be a peace treaty. You’re looking at one or two or maybe a dozen devices.

During the 1990s, North Korea made threats to withdraw its membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which would open the door to the development of a North Korea nuclear weapon.

While North Korea is developing their weapons, President Trump has ordered a $1 trillion modernization program for America’s nuclear arsenal.

The nuclear forces at the president’s disposal would include submarine-launched ballistic missiles, land-based ICBMs, and bombers carrying either cruise missiles or gravity bombs.

“The threat to use nuclear weapons has always been tied to deterrence or extended deterrence; historical USA policy is that the use of nuclear weapons would only be in response to the first use of nuclear weapons against the United States or an ally covered by our extended deterrence”. There have been signs that North Korea is seeking a separate peace deal with Washington, but politically that is not seen as feasible in the short term. The U.N. Security Council has just acted, with the assent of China and Russian Federation, to impose sanctions on North Korea – an action that might have made a difference five years ago. This marks a considerable departure from the conservative approach taken by previous American governments. “The danger the North Korean regime poses… is now clear to all”.

Q: What does North Korea actually want?

While the idea of a nuclear attack is unthinkably frightening, the Guamanian government’s preparations highlight the fact it is possible to survive some of them, if people take the right steps.

The United States’ only option is to stop threatening North Korea’s existence, accept it as a sovereign country, and open direct negotiations leading to trade and a true peace with its southern neighbor and us. Next comes the United Kingdom with 215, Pakistan with 140, India with 130, Israel with 80, and North Korea with 60.

How many nuclear weapons are there in the world? An even smaller number of people would die past that three-week mark from other complications such as cancer.

Eken suggests that both the scenarios of a limited regional nuclear conflict and an all-out war between United States and Russian Federation are unlikely.

For instance, a study of Finnish students aged 15 to 19 around the time of the 1991 Persian Gulf War – in which a USA -led worldwide coalition defeated Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait – found those adolescents who frequently anxious about nuclear war had an increased risk of having developed a mental health disorder five years later. China would also inevitably get involved if such a scenario comes about. The North would have the capacity to do very great damage, not to the USA, but to the people in and around Seoul.