Charlottesville terror attack: Murder charge after man rams auto into crowd

Charlottesville Police have identified the suspect authorities say plowed into a group of counter-protesters against a white nationalist rally in Virginia as James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio. Abruptly, a gray Dodge rams into the back of another vehicle, slamming one or more cars ahead of it amid the crowd of protesters. He’s reportedly being held without bail.

Fields is said to be a resident of Maumee, a suburb with 14,000 inhabitants in Lucas County, Ohio, some 10 miles southwest of Toledo.

James Alex Fields Jr. has been identified as the t congested with counter protestor pedestrians in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier today.

The Daily Beast reports Fields is a registered Republican. A gray auto with OH license plates hit a crowd near the city’s downtown mall, killing a 32-year-old woman.

There have also been unconfirmed reports in the media that Fields was a US Army serviceman for a brief period in 2015.

“The goal in moving the Unite the Right Rally from Emancipation Park to a larger, more accommodating space like McIntire Park had nothing to do with the content of the demonstrators’ speech”.

According to the Virginia State Police, three other people have been arrested on charges including disorderly conduct, misdemeanor assault and battery and carrying a concealed handgun.

White supremacists had targeted Charlottesville because the town had taken down a statue of Robert E. Lee, the New York Times reported.

The white supremacist rally has put a permanent stain on the city of Charlottesville, and even though many from the area did attend the anti-racism march, it’s obvious that so many others didn’t.

He says a bond hearing is scheduled for Monday.