Florida school offers to let students skip the lunch line for $100

Part of the job of the Parent Teacher Student Association is organizing fundraisers and raising money for the school.

For a $50 donation, families get their last names featured on the school’s website; for $100, they can request to have their company’s logo featured instead and purchase a “front of the lunch line pass” for their children.

The principal of the school told the station he’s upset and that no one should be treated like a second-class citizen at the school. “Parents run the organization”.

The letter, sent home by the PTSA at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Polk County first caught the attention of Christ Stephenson, a father of one of the students there.

Further, Andrews said that he has spoken to the PTSA’s leadership to make sure that no communication is sent to parents without first getting the approval of school officials. Stephenson told the media outlet he was enraged when he saw the form. “With middle school already being a very contentious age, with hormones and everything else, the last thing you really want to do is add a food hierarchy on top of that”, Stephenson told News Channel 8. He confirmed that he did not sign the paperwork but instead shared the form on his personal Facebook page.

Should schoolchildren be allowed to the front of the line if their parents pay an extra fee? All you poor kids get in the back of the line’. It says, “Please disregard this form as it was not approved prior to distribution”.

The sponsorship program was created by the PTSA at the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in an effort to raise funds for the school. “I believe the intentions were meant to be beneficial, however, parents do not always have the perspective of a principal. This simply did not reflect our philosophy and I felt fortunate to be in a position to eliminate it before it got off the ground”.

In a statement, PTSA president Jil Bevis blamed the incident on a “clerical error”. In a statement to NBC News affiliate WFLA, PTSA President Jil Bevis said the organization is constantly looking for “new and innovative” fundraising ideas and admitted the lunch line perk was floated around, but they chose to not move forward with it. We offer a variety of fundraising options for our students and families to choose from each year.

Titled “Family and Business Sponsors, the form stated that the PTSA was looking for ‘local families and business to partner with” during the school year.

A Florida school included a fundraising document in the students’ orientation packets that caused a ruckus among parents. “Our families have been notified this programme is not being offered”, it said.

“Where were the checkpoints missed”, said Stephenson.