French leader urges calm in North Korea crisis

While Beijing has promised to open more industries to foreign companies, it also has issued new rules on electric auto manufacturing, data security, internet censorship and other fields.

Trump, who has been residing at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, for the past week, plans to return to Washington on Monday to officially announce the trade investigation.

Yang said that before joining the WTO in 2002, Taiwan had been subjected to the Section 301 investigations because its trade regulations had not been aligned with global norms.

The administration official who confirmed that Trump would sign the order contended it was unrelated to the showdown with North Korea. “The previous three presidents were not able to find an adequate solution [to the North Korea crisis], so he can’t be blamed for all this”.

“I think it’s only fair to point out he inherited this crisis”, Mr. Gore told Newsweek. The investigation is being ordered under US Trade Act of 1974, which officials said permits the USTR to investigate acts, policies or practices of a foreign country to determine whether they are indeed unreasonable or discriminatory that burden or otherwise restrict US commerce.

Several Twitter users have over the last 24 hours reported Trump’s tweet, which threatened violence against North Korea. Xi, in his phone conversation with Trump, urged calm.

President Trump’s pattern continues: “Tough talk on China, but weaker action than anyone could ever imagine”, he said in a statement.

They added that the trade measure would be carried out under the rules of global law and would not trigger greater conflict with China. “China is widely recognised as the biggest source of the problem”, he said. He said it would be premature to speculate on actions that could eventually be taken against China, and added that the issue could be resolved through “negotiated agreement”.

“We would like to emphasize that the Chinese government has always attached importance to intellectual property protection”, a spokesman said.

“China’s unfair trade practices and industrial policies including forced technology transfer and intellectual property theft harm the United States economy and its workers”, a second administration official said.

Trump has requested similar inquiries on trade, but the reports haven’t been delivered on deadline. American companies “should not be forced or coerced to turn over the fruits of their labour”, the official said, adding that the cost of intellectual theft on USA economy is estimated to be as high as Dollars 600 billion a year.

Similarly, the president also asked for a review about whether steel and aluminium imports were jeopardizing national security.