Google Fire Software Engineer Over Offensive Memo

He wrote that when the document went viral, “the upper management sent angry emails to Google’s human-resources department and everyone up his management chain, demanding censorship, retaliation and atonement”.

You can read Brooks’ piece at The New York Times.

These trolls have now led to a Google meeting regarding the memo being cancelled, as staff fear they will be targeted for taking part.

Google has prided itself on its openness. It has become an all-out culture war outside the company, as well, putting Google and its employees in the crosshairs. How long will it be before Google begins to impose its ideological dictates on its users as well as its employees, and what precisely would stop them from doing so?

Dory is a system used internally for Google employees to submit and vote on questions to be asked at town hall meetings. I’ve already had my say in Wednesday’s USA Today on how existing federal law would have helped shape Google’s incentives in handling that furor.

Google has just endured what may be the most painful week in its history. While allowing some of the requests to go forward in pared-down form, the ALJ drastically cut back their scope and said the agency “OFCCP offered nothing credible or reliable to show that its theory … is based … on anything more than speculation”.

James Damore, the software engineer fired by Google for circulating a 10-page manifesto inside the company that suggested women might be under-represented in tech generally and “leadership” inside the company due to their biology, has described the company as “almost like a cult” in an opinion column published the Wall Street Journal.

But Google executives, including the chief executive officer and the chief of diversity, deemed the document to be in violation of the company’s code of conduct because it “perpetuated gender stereotypes“. He held a sign reading, “Fired for Telling the Truth”.

Damore focused on the idea of shame in his op-ed.

Damore argued that this created an environment where only certain opinions could be voiced and slammed the tech giant in its attempt to “silence open and honest discussion”. As more employees took notice, Mr. Damore’s words soon spilled out onto the internet. Damore was sacked on Monday.

After Damore posted that message in his blog, Google has tried to make sure the world understands the company does not share the same line of thought as its ex-employee. Some of the Google employees also identified as gay or supportive of diversity efforts. That reignited concerns that internal discussions would not stay private.

Pichai has cut short his vacation and along with his leadership team, he will be addressing Googlers on Thursday in a town hall meeting.

Damore received company rebuke when he released and had an anti-diversity memo published. “I got that at Google before all of this leaked”.