Justin Bieber Gets Shot Down After Trying To Ask Gym Employee Out

Though we’re sure she was flattered, Jessica has no intention of following up with the singer.

“Who is that girl in your latest post”, Justin wrote to the gym. “Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF”, the girl, whose name is Jessica Gober, wrote on Twitter.

It said, “Who is that girl, ‘ then a heart emoji, then ‘?” She posted her reaction on Twitter, complete with screengrabs proving that the messages came from Bieber’s actual account.

Justin Bieber was unlucky in love on Instagram.

Unfortunately for the objective singer, Jessica replied with a post which showed her cozying up to her boyfriend. She sent a follow-up tweet with several pictures of her boyfriend, writing, “I have everything I need right here”.

Well, it turned out the mystery woman was 22 year old Jessica Gober, who quickly found out about the inquiry – and took to social media to share it with the world. By the following February, she was given a contract with Uno Models. Justin Bieber recently announced he’s ready to get wifed up, and it appears the hunt for his flawless woman is on.

Others thought she might’ve looked a little too deep into it.