Scaramucci Says Plotters Seeking to ‘Eject’ President Trump

People within the White House are trying to get rid of President Donald Trump, says his former communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

A 20-year-old man was charged with second degree murder after the auto ploughed into a group of counter-protesters at the white nationalist rally, killing one woman and injuring 19 others.

Trump, who has a following among white supremacist groups attracted to his nationalistic rhetoric, has come under fire for blaming the Charlottesville violence on hatred and bigotry “on many sides“. “There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis”, Trump tweeted on Sunday morning.

When asked by Stephanopoulos if that influence stemmed from Bannon, Scaramucci said, “I think the president knows what he’s going to do with Steve Bannon“.

Democratic minority leader and congresswoman from California Nancy Pelosi tweeted directly at the president writing, “Repeat after me, @realDonaldTrump: white supremacy is an affront to American values”.

He added that the President needed “more loyalists” to implement his plans.

Signer said the extremist groups have been “invited into the daylight”, and their rhetoric has been possible because, he said, “they’re getting okays for that because they were invited into basically a presidential campaign”. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., both urged the president to use the words “white supremacists” and to label this as a terror attack.

And Tom Bossert, Trump’s homeland security adviser, who has been in direct contact with Charlottesville authorities, repeatedly praised the president on CNN for not naming the groups that were involved and instead focusing on an overarching call for Americans to love one another.

The Trump administration has been plagued by leaks from within the White House, including accounts of Mr Trump’s meeting with foreign leaders and diplomats.

Trump’s vague response to the auto ramming, attributing blame to “many sides”, attracted swift condemnation Republicans and Democrats alike.

“Mr. President – we must call evil by its name”, Sen. The visual couldn’t have been by chance, as many on social media picked up on the parallel between what racists were wearing in Charlottesville and what Trump wears every time he plays golf.

Marco Rubio had different reactions to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, Va.

“Is Steve Bannon a white nationalist, a white supremacist?” he asked.

“I think that’s totally mistaken”, Signer said, adding that they prepared for the events and set conditions for people to peaceably express themselves.