Tom Cruise Injured in Mission: Impossible 6 Stunt

Actor Tom Cruise body-slammed into a brick wall when a high-flying stunt he was filming for “Mission Impossible 6” went awry, according to a video released Sunday.

The 55-year-old actor is well known for doing quite a few of his own stunts, including some notable moments in his past involving pretty scary situations.

The latest part of the franchise is now being filmed in London and is expected to arrive in cinemas on July 27, 2018. But one of the less complex stunts on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 appears to have not gone exactly as planned.

After Cruise pulled himself onto the roof, he briefly continued the scene by limping off camera, nearly looking like the fall short was a planned part of the stunt. He is then escorted away by crew members, still limping.

Cruise has most famously pushed the limits in his Mission: Impossible films; for Ghost Protocol where he famously dangled off a skyscraper in Dubai; and in Rogue Nation he clutched onto the side of an air-bound cargo plane. “I told them, ‘Don’t stop filming.’ I was hit by a tiny particle from the runway and I literally thought it broke my ribs”. No word yet on the accident’s impact on the London-set production.