Trump retweets Fox News story containing classified info

The report, headlined “US spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat“, cites “U.S. officials with knowledge of the latest intelligence in the region” who said “U.S. spy agencies detected the rogue communist regime loading two anti-ship cruise missiles on a patrol boat on the country’s east coast just days ago”. Word of Trump’s carelessness was leaked to the Washington Post by “current and former USA officials”, and the White House didn’t deny that the leak was accurate.

President Donald Trump, who constantly rants about “leakers” and warns his Twitter followers to be wary of anonymous sources, on Tuesday morning retweeted a Fox News report that cited anonymous intelligence community officials.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I will tell you it’s incredibly unsafe when things get out to the press like that”, Haley said.

Will Fischer, an Iraq War veteran and director of government relations for VoteVets, was also critical of the retweet and questioned what role – or lack thereof – new chief of staff John Kelly had in the process. If he told Donald Trump to retweet this, there’s a real problem.

Since taking office, Trump has increasingly spoken out against leaks of sensitive information by members of his administration, some of it damaging to the president himself.

After retweeting the report, Trump published his own tweet about addressing North Korea’s potential nuclear capabilities.

On Sunday, Trump praised Sessions on Twitter, writing: “After many years of LEAKS going on in Washington, it is great to see the A.G. taking action!”

Trump spent a good chunk of his Tuesday morning watching Fox & Friends. “We must be tough & decisive!” he tweeted. Sessions said on Friday, as he pledged to follow through on the president’s advice.