Will Twitter suspend Trump’s account for ‘threatening nuclear war’ against North Korea?

These clowns should have been dealt with loooong ago.

Penn has previously worked with former US President Barack Obama.

In an op-ed colum in the New York Times, the former US ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser to Obama, called Trump’s latest remarks on North Korea “reckless rhetoric”.

Following North Korea’s threat that they were going to attack the United States territory of Guam, #President Donald Trump retaliated by stating that the United States will let loose “fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

“I think we ought to take a deep breath and wait and see how it plays out”, the lawyer advised.

The Harvard law professor said one hopes President Trump is not following in President Obama’s footsteps when Obama drew a red line regarding Syria but failed to follow through on the consequences when Syria crossed it. “He folded. He was weak and ineffective”.

After noting President George W. Bush was also not successful, Trump said “Obama didn’t even want to talk about it”. It’s unlikely that Twitter would consider banning Trump, considering he’s the president of the United States and doing so would nearly certainly result in disaster for the company. “It’s about time. Someone has to do it”.

Trump also warned if Kim followed through on plans to strike Guam, the USA response “will be an event the likes of which nobody’s seen before”.

“The president’s most recent comments are recklessly belligerent and demonstrate a grave lack of appreciation for the severity of the North Korea nuclear situation”, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.

She ended her interview by saying that the American people need not worry, because, “We have and continue to refine advanced missile-defense capabilities to protect our allies and our homeland”.