Erdoğan calls on United Nations to put pressure on Myanmar government over Rohingya

  • Erdoğan calls on United Nations to put pressure on Myanmar government over Rohingya

Erdoğan calls on United Nations to put pressure on Myanmar government over Rohingya

At least 18,500 Rohingya in Rakhine state of Myanmar have fled into Bangladesh in the last six days since fighting broke out between government military and insurgents.

Bangladesh has sought continued support of the United Nations (UN) to resolve the Rohingya crisis as Rohingya Muslims have continued to flee fresh violence in Myanmar putting the number of new arrivals close to 20,000.

At least 109 people have been killed in the clashes with insurgents, Myanmar says, majority militants but also members of the security forces and civilians.

Smoke billowed from at least three burning villages in the remote section of Rakhine state where Myanmar's military is carrying out sweeps for militants, an AFP reporter saw on Wednesday.

The latest outburst of violence marks the intensification of a long-simmering conflict between Yangon and the Rohingya Muslims, who are denied citizenship in the predominantly Buddhist Southeast Asian state.

It comes as Human Rights Watch released satellite data showing 100km of land in Rakhine state set ablaze, as the Burmese military continue their assault on villages populated by Myanmar's Rohingya ethnic and religious group.

"UK requests #UNSC meeting on situation in Burma tomorrow".

UNSC meets on Wednesday to discuss deadly violence against Rohingya muslims

Wisma Putra in a statement today said Malaysia was deeply concerned with the attacks and subsequent development which might have resulted in the loss of innocent lives and the displacement of people.

Since the attacks, about 18,445 Rohingya - mostly women and children - have registered in Bangladesh, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Wednesday. While the ruling Awami League has urged Myanmar to take back the refugees, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leader Khaleda Zia has called upon the government to open the border for the refugees. Deadly attacks on border posts broke out on August 25 killing one soldier, 10 police officers, an immigration official and 77 militants, Myanmar State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said in a statement. The UN has called the Rohingya one of the most persecuted people in the world.

Bangladesh has detained and forcibly returned 90 Rohingya migrants to Myanmar, police said on Sunday, just hours after Myanmar's troops on the other side of the border had opened fire on people fleeing the country.

"This can not lead to a repeat of last year's vicious military reprisals responding to a similar attack, when security forces tortured, killed and raped Rohingya people and burned down whole villages". "It was predicted and could have been prevented", he said.

"Villagers are running away... where do we have to live now?" he told AFP by telephone. UN's "Responsibility (R2P) to Protect" failed in Cambodia, Rwanda and again in Sri Lanka in 2009, where thousands of civilians were brutally killed, and thousands fled and became refugees.

"They were pleading with us not to send them back to Myanmar", said a policeman on condition of anonymity.