Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

  • Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Replacing Home Button with Gestures

If true this would be the biggest change in iPhone design since the launch of the device in 2007. However, don't take our word for it...

Today, we've got a fresh, alleged iPhone 8 related image for you. Now, according to Bloomberg, we may have an answer.

The good news, however, is that in getting rid of the button, Apple was able to create a much larger screen without supersizing the phone itself, meaning you'll be able to Netflix on the go without straining your eyes to squint at a small screen.

Dock: The dock housing commonly-used apps will be "redesigned with a new interface similar to the one on the iPad version of iOS 11".

Tapping the home button to swipe through apps, unlock the screen, and talk to Siri has become second nature for iPhone users. Munster noted this feature may not be ready on the iPhone 8 until 2018.

[ET NEWS]Apple has started the development of a 6-inch OLED iPhone with aims to launch the largest-ever screen iPhone next year, industry sources said on August 31. The launch event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater located in Apple's campus. Manufacturers placed the camera and sensors at the top of the display and new antenna.

When is the iPhone 8 release date? A lot will come down to how well they can stay ahead of the competition with new features, something they have not been strong on lately. Perhaps each "ear" will have its own unique set of gestures when a user interacts with it. Recent reports on the device include an iPhone 8 price tag that starts at $999 and the inclusion of a slower and limited iPhone 8 wireless charging feature. Bloomberg's report clears it up by stating that the cutout will be visible while people are using apps and Apple won't hide it by giving the status bar at the top with a black background. Since the home button is no more, TouchID no longer has a home (pun intended). Since the phone will be an all-screen device on the front, it's obvious that the home button won't be making an appearance to make it anything but "odd-looking'".

Rene Ritchie, analyst with iMore, recently penned an article in which he explained why the iPhone now doesn't support the Apple Pencil although "Apple has no doubt tested Pencil technology on iPhone".

If the button is removed from future designs, all those tasks would be performed differently.

Apple's first generation iPhone is over 10 years old.