Huawei becomes second largest smartphone brand, overthrowing Apple

The company is obviously expected to announce iPhone 8 and Apple enthusiasts Rishi Alwani and Gagan Gupta join host Pranay Parab to talk about the smartphone. As Samsung is known to make the best smartphone OLED displays in the world, it makes sense Apple would stick to them. The current iPhone 7 camera delivers strong results but come 2018 it will be well due for a full upgrade.

In a note sent to investors and obtained by AppleInsider, noted Apple forecaster Ming Chi Kuo says the Cupertino-based smartphone maker has an "urgent need" to find a second OLED panel supplier. Apple would much rather prefer that iPhone 8 owners use the "Hey Siri" callphrase to activate the digital assistant. LG just jumped back into mobile OLED displays with the V30, but it can't supply Apple with the millions of displays it needs.

The 1000-seat auditorium is named after the firm's founder, who unveiled the very first iPhone 10 years ago.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 8 - what new it has to offer?

Kuo gives some insight as to how involved Samsung is in the production process. The device will feature OLED displays which are being manufactured by Samsung. For some or the other reason, September is in the "chosen list of the month" for the company to launch their new products. Apple depends on Samsung to mass manufacture its new large screens, which will cover almost the entire front of the iPhone and do away with its classic "home button".

Recently, there were reports of Apple looking for a partner apart from Samsung to source its OLED panels from. There are also rumors of Apple working with movie studios to release 4K content on the iTunes Store. The other point to keep in mind is that is the first Apple event taking place in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, which is the new campus of the company.

If you ask us, after going through various sessions of brainstorming, we have placed our bets on two names- iPhone Edition and iPhone Pro.