Four dead, millions without power as Irma pummels Florida

  • Four dead, millions without power as Irma pummels Florida

Four dead, millions without power as Irma pummels Florida

Expected to be even more unsafe than the powerful winds are the storm surges that threaten Florida's coastal cities. "It's the first time I have not been in Florida for a major hurricane".

The storm is expected to move north Monday, heading toward Fort Myers and Tampa.

Hurricane Irma wasn't the only vortex that the southeastern US had to worry about Sunday.

According to Julian Heming, a tropical prediction scientist from the Met Office, Irma grew in strength because it had all the ingredients to fuel its growth. Affected states include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The historic storm is so wide that authorities faced destructive storm surges on both coasts of Florida and the Keys as it follows a path north toward Georgia.

Last October, Hurricane Matthew spared Florida from experiencing its strongest side - the right side - because its center tracked along the eastern coastline of the state.

The storm, already blamed for at least 20 deaths on Caribbean Islands like Antigua, is churning with winds of 150 miles per hour and is expected to hit the Florida Keys Saturday night and the rest of Florida, including Miami, on Sunday.

American Airlines has announced that they are going to begin resuming limited operations in South Florida once the airports reopen.

Irma is expected to become a tropical depression on Tuesday as it continues north and west. However, it is projected to make landfall as a category 4 along the southwestern coastline of Florida Sunday morning.

"We are doing everything we can to get food and water throughout the state", Scott said on Fox News Monday. That's great. Everybody should know that it's not just wind and rain they have to worry about but the ocean itself rising up to kill you.

The worst of Irma is likely yet to come for much of Middle Georgia. The highest wind gusts will be felt southwest of the Triangle.

Tonight.Cloudy. Irma pulls away from the area.

-Rain lets up to the east, lingering showers northwest on Tuesday. Low wind shear allowed air to move in and out of the hurricane more efficiently.