What is storm surge, and how does it happen?

  • What is storm surge, and how does it happen?

What is storm surge, and how does it happen?

The National Hurricane Service's latest update said that 150 km/h gust was recently measured at Carysfort Reef Light near Key Largo.

Gas stations in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and SC are running low on fuel as evacuees head inland ahead of Hurricane Irma.

The Associated Press reported the storm engulfed almost the entire Florida peninsula, wreaking havoc from the state's southernmost point up to the Georgia line, from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf side.

South Florida Water Management District chief engineer John Mitnik says it will probably be Sunday night before the storm surge in Miami completely subsides. More than 100,000 were without power in Georgia.

Irma tied Florida Keys (1935), Gilbert (1988), and Wilma (2005) for the second strongest maximum winds of all-time for an Atlantic hurricane when it topped out at 185 miles per hour. Irma should then move inland over northern Florida and southwestern Georgia Monday afternoon. Earlier this summer the The Washington Post published a video titled: "A major storm could destroy Tampa Bay".

North of the Keys, in Miami Beach, 82-year-old Cuban- American Orlando Reyes had suddenly to flee his assisted living facility. Not everyone heeded the calls.

Power lines down across the state of Florida. He said he and his neighbors have generators, batteries, food and water and other supplies. Most projections show the hurricane weakening only slightly as it travels upwards through the whole state.

The NHC said late Saturday that "heavy squalls with embedded tornadoes" were sweeping across southern Florida.

Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi said relief will arrive on a C-130 military plane Monday morning at the Key West International Airport.

He said teams were assessing the storm's impact on the bridges that link the keys, which may not be safe to cross. The Miami-Dade Police Department begged the public not to venture out of their homes or shelters for any reason. We can hear the wind battering the door and trees outside.

There is great concern over the storm surge Irma may cause.

Read the full report from the New York Times here.

Miami, was spared the brunt of the storm but was still battered.

"The center of Irma will move into southwestern Georgia later today, and move into eastern Alabama Tuesday morning", the National Hurricane Center said.

Local newscasters spent all weekend chasing the storm, but in the age of social media the most harrowing footage of Hurricane Irma comes from individuals in the region.

Hours before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, the water in Tampa Bay was sucked out by the storm.

Florida's governor is issuing urgent warnings to a third of his state's residents to evacuate ahead of a massive hurricane on track to be the state's most catastrophic ever.

U.S. media reports suggest Hurricane Irma has claimed at least four lives in Florida, after killing at least 37 in the Caribbean islands last week.