LTE Apple Watch Will Cost $10 Per Month

  • LTE Apple Watch Will Cost $10 Per Month

LTE Apple Watch Will Cost $10 Per Month

For Apple users, if it doesn't come from Apple, it never happened, even if everyone else has been doing it for ages. The OS present in this watch is the combination of Siri which is the Apple's voice assistant. Later in the fall there will also be access to Apple Music, which along with the new LTE connection, will enable users to stream any song just via the watch without needing an iPhone. But those devices each typically charge more for 4K movies ($25 - $30 to purchase), while Apple has apparently struck a deal with the film studios to sell the 4K movies at the same price as the HD offerings (typically $15-$20). But we're here to help.

Interested in 4K but unsure where to start? Read on to figure it out.

Gene Munster, an analyst with Loup Ventures, believes sales of the watch could double or even triple because of the new connectivity. The HDR part, however, is a bit more important. These high dynamic range technologies improve the colour reproduction on television sets and offer more brightness. That means you can swap out a more formal band for a sportier one when swapping between activities, if you so choose. Right when you see it, you'll know which friends have it and which friends don't. Dolby Vision is an HDR format that uses individual TV profiles to determine the best brightness and color values for each pixel based on the capacity of that TV's LCD panel.

To play 4K with HDR, the Apple TV 4K upgrades to an A10X processor and a new version of the tvOS operating system. Check out our guide to Dolby Vision.

Design-wise, the Apple TV 4K appears to be physically identical to the previous, 1080p Apple TV, which will remain available for $149. And considering that games and apps can now be as big as 4GB each, those storage options might run out rather quick.

LTE Apple Watch Will Cost $10 Per Month

Moving along, Apple today also introduced a brand new Apple Watch with support for LTE.

Apple TV is going 4K.

Where Apple's pricing model falls apart, however, is when it's compared to the other options on the market.

Schiller highlighted the fact that the new Apple encoder breaks the image down in to "tiles" during the acquisition and encoding time, to analyze up to 2 million tiles per second. Those of us who do multiple exercises in one workout routine will enjoy the new multi-exercise feature, which lets you end one exercise and immediately start another.